Small Business Breakthrough Project

    About Us

      We are a boutique web design company based in Chicago that offers big business results to small businesses everywhere.

      Established in June 2008, we redefine way people think about web design.

      Offering high quality websites at prices that are accessible to companies and organizations of all sizes,

      we make sure that there is an outlet to reach your audience.

      Speak with us personally: Fill out our contact form or call us at 224-534-9360

      Our Services


        Neurogic has experience in managing and enhancing small to large business IT environments with the skills to provide consulting across the range of IT functions specifically around strategically aligning the corporate vision and the IT imperatives.

        Website Development

        The website development is created using a content management framework which gives the owner of the website full ability to effect content changes from anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection exists. This framework allows for quick deployment of content related web sites with rich functionality including user login and registration, ability to easily publish public and registered content, exhaustive add on components such as shopping carts etc.

        Hosting Services

        Neurogic will facilitate the procurement of a domain name as well as the hosting space required to effectively manage the web site. We will also ensure that the content is backed up on a regular basis.

        Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

        Search Engine Optimization (SEO), powered by Neurogic, is a cost effective way to increase the visibility of your company’s website. By employing the latest algorithms and cutting-edge technology available, SEO can increase your ranking in search engines’ organic results.  Let SEO help you increase the number of qualified  visitors to your website.

        Computer Services

        Set up your new computer(s)

        Migrate data from old computer to new computer

        Set up wireless networking

        Teaching: Internet, iTunes, Photos, etc.

        Home Entertainment Services

        Seting up game systems (Xbox 360, Wii,PS3)

        Setting TV Connections (DVR,TiVo,Blue Ray player, DVD players

        Home Media Help

        Electronic Consulting